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OOC notes on Ellie

FULL NAME: Ellie Rebecca Brass
GENDER: female
DATE of BIRTH: September 24, 1982
PLACE of BIRTH: Jersey City, New Jersey
KNOWN RELATIVES: Jim Brass (father)
SIGNIFICANT OTHER(S): technically? Warrick Brown
RELIGION: athiest

CURRENT EMPLOYMENT: submissive at Pink Flamingo
JOB POSITION: sex addict lol
FIELD of EXPERTISE: making the boys go wild
PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT: Stripper in both Jersey and LA, as well as Las Vegas
EDUCATION: High School
IDENTIFYING MARKS: six tattoos, 2 peircings

HISTORY: I'm a whore. What history?>

PERSONALITY: I'm outgoing, and bitchy. I don't think my personality is really relevant is it?

HABITS/HOBBIES: tv, sex, drugs, and rock and roll *smirks*

PETS: A Tadpole, soon to be frog named Spermie
Seems like it was yesterday that I saw your face. You told me how proud you were, but I walked away. If only I knew, what I knew today.

My father, the hero. No, seriously he is. He solves the crime cases and puts the bad guys behind the bars. He used to tell me I was better then what I was. That being a whore and a crack junkie. Well actually it was whatever I could get my hands on. I left Las Vegas to go to Hollywood. Seemed like a good idea at the time. When I called Pops to try and find out what happened to my roommate, he came. Just like a father would for his child. When all was said and done, he told me how proud he was of me that I was still alive. I just basically blew him off and told him it was too late to do the father thing. I just walked away. I half expected him to come after me, but he didn't. He had to go back to Las Vegas. Then he got shot, and I found myself back in Las Vegas. Grissom convinced me to go see him in the hospital. Of course me being me had to be the fucking non sympathetic daughter and ask about money I would get if he died. Yeah. Aren't I such a wonderful daughter? I poured my damn heart out at his bedside when no one was around, and then left before he woke up. I don't think he heard me.

You expect me to tell you what I said? Tough luck, you aren't getting it out of me unless you pay me a good god damn price for it. What business of it is yours anyway? If I knew how much he cared for me and all that shit before I got into doing what I was doing? Maybe things would have been different. Did I miss him? Yes. Was I scared that he was going to die and leave me alone? Yes. I stayed in Las Vegas, working for a friend of this chick Lady Heather, whose number I found in Grissom's office when I was in there for a lil bit. She recommended me to a friend of hers and I've been working there. My dad would prolly think better of me since I've done this. I mean hello I've don my best. Besides, I even have a "boyfriend" now. We're not technically together, but he might be proud that I'm making a attempt to settle down. I mean, it's a step in the right direction right?

Ellie Brass
CSI: Las Vegas
418 words

Hi, I'm Ellie

And I'm a former whore. Well, i'm trying to not be a whore. My dad's lurking around here somewhere. His name is Jim Brass, works for the Las Vegas Police Department. I'm the problem child, I don't like listening really to what anyone tells me to do. That's why I'm freelance. I'm trying to turn my life around, it's hard though. I want to see my dad because I miss him, because I think we need to work things out. and maybe become a family. I really need that now. Not much to tell about me *shrugs* I'm in Las Vegas now, and gonna have dinner with dear old pops, so he can tell me that I"m better then this. If ya wanna know somethin. feel free to ask.

ellie is from the tv show csi las vegas, and she's a very minor character, so any of her backstory will be based on wikipedia entries as well as my own lil whisp of flavor.



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